Bought Lies of P last night and made it just past the first boss. I know some folks are comparing it to Bloodborne and I can see why they think that (damn chimney sweeps). I do like the game although I wish the dodge was better. Bloodborne had a sick dodge system and this one isn’t quite there.

Also, quite thrilled to have bought a game on PC that actually works. No major bugs, crashes, etc. which is really how it should be.

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions on the game in general?

  • The Picard Maneuver
    2 months ago

    +1 about those damned chimney sweep guys. Lol

    I was only able to get through the first zone yesterday because I played the beta earlier this year that showed the entire first area. I think they absolutely listened to feedback and tuned some enemies up and down.

    The dodging took a little bit to get used to, but once you have a feel for it, it’s great. I honestly felt the same way about bloodborne dodging the first time I played it - it was just a little different, and I needed new muscle memory. Also FYI, I looked up the weight thresholds, and 60% is when you start moving slower.