Season 1 has come to a close, and this community has enjoyed modest activity since it was created. I’d like to maintain that level of activity during the lengthy wait for the next special, and I have a couple of ideas and requests to make that happen:

  • I’d like to do weekly “retrospective discussions” to cover the Tennant specials, as well as “The Church on Ruby Road” and episodes 1 and 2 of the season (which we technically covered at c/quark’s, but I’d like to have something “official” in this community as well). Please let me know if you’d be interested in this.

  • I’d like to see content covering the greater Whoniverse - Big Finish audios, books, comics, you name it. The trouble is, I’m not really engaged with that stuff personally, so this is my invitation to the community to build that stuff out.

  • Other community-led content is also welcome - I don’t want this to become an exclusive meme community, but we should all feel free to have a little fun and share cool DW stuff.

I’ve also set up a section of the Star Trek: Website Wiki for this community - right now, it’s just the archive of the episode discussions, but there’s room for growth there, as well.

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