• @FiskFisk33
    138 months ago

    american law confuses me.
    It is a good thing the shitty law doesn’t get enforced, but it’s so strange to me how a judge can just ban enforcement of a law. Is it. Even a law then

    • @perviouslyiner@lemm.ee
      118 months ago

      Laws can’t conflict with the US Constitution, so if a law says that people with certain clothes aren’t allowed to speak, then the judge can say that’s not a real law.

    • @PsychedSy@sh.itjust.works
      78 months ago

      It’s the freedom of speech thing people seem to hate. Drag is a form of art and expression so there’s a massive hurdle in trying to ban it. If they can’t make it over the hurdle of the first amendment it is unenforceable as a law.

      There are still sodomy laws on the books in some states that are entirely useless.