The Lower Deckers go on a classic cave mission.

Written by: Ben Rodgers

Directed by: Megan Lloyd

  • @dethstrobe
    127 months ago

    Where the devil has T’Lyn been for the past 2 eps? I’m actually totally fine without her being in the show in every episode. Makes the world feel more lived in knowing people have other responsibilities, and the like. After all, they probably have a life off screen.

    Anyway, fantastic episode. The idea of parodying a clipshow episode but with original content, I love it. Almost wish they lampshaded Shades of Gray which was the Season 2 clipshow which didn’t make a lot of sense as there wasn’t enough show to clip from.

    • @Doublepluskirk
      67 months ago

      The episode could’ve been called Shades of Cave(s)