• Transporter Room 3
    1795 months ago

    I didn’t stop to greet some customers as I walked in with a cane for the third week in a row due to nerve damage.

    I wasn’t on the clock, we didn’t have a uniform, no name tag, nobody would even know I work there until I put my shit on after I clock in.

    By that time I had made it a habit of recording every interaction with management, so I just pulled out my phone, hit the record button, and asked “so to be clear, are you officially reprimanding me for NOT doing work off the clock?” and that immediately shut him up.

    Managers get awfully pensive when they have recording devices capturing them.

    • @lars@lemmy.sdf.org
      105 months ago

      Depending on where you live, you might be better off not scaring your employers with a visible recording device.

      Why not let the law figure out what your bosses were asking for? In the US, attorneys will take these cases for free and be paid only if you are.