Fake HDMI cable crackdown - Taiwanese police raid suppliers of counterfeit HDMI cables, seize $2.6 million in knockoffs in a single day::Police in Taiwan have cracked down on counterfeit HDMI cable sales, raiding online sellers across the island.

  • Transporter Room 3
    04 months ago

    Tldr FUDs suck, then I kind of rant, and it gets away from me a bit.

    Having dealt with FUDs in other hobbies, this shit is EVERYWHERE once you start looking for it.

    I love asking people why their thing is better though. Like your boss, I would ask what makes his liquid special, then every time I get a generic answer, I’d ask for more specifics.

    Oh, it’s special. What makes it special? it’s got special properties other cleaning liquids don’t? Like what? Ooh, “enzymes?” what enzymes? What is their function? How is it produced? What will happen if I use other liquids? How do those enzymes protect the screen?

    And depending on how petty I felt, and how much time I had to kill, I’d keep going until they yell at me to leave or I get some kind of admission that their product is bs. Even if that admission is the “fine then don’t use my superior product, I don’t have to explain anything” crap they use to make themselves feel better. That’s not technically an admission, but to me it says “I have no faith in the words I’m saying, and continuing would only do harm to my product branding since it’s all bullshit”

    So far I’ve only gotten one actual admission of “okay I’m just making this shit up as I go, just stop talking so loud please, I have to sell stuff” and honestly I respect that man more than any other peddler I’ve met.