• @OpenStars
    01 month ago

    Yeah, I take them as conclusions, summaries, wrap-ups, basically like “Goodbye” or “Well, I’ll be seeing you”, “It was nice talking to you”, “Welp, time to get back to work”, maybe something more personal like “I’ll see you in an hour at lunch”.

    The decision may have already been made to stop / pause for now, but the former (OP) statements themselves do not cause that anymore than the ones I mentioned here.

    short circuit cognitive dissonance…

    Omg I’m literally dying here - except you know what, I’m actually not? I’m saying that it seems overly dramatic language to me. Like someone who heard those words somewhere and thought they sounded cool, without knowing what they even mean…:-P 😎

    Though tbf they probably could be used for that purpose sometimes too, yet that doesn’t mean that is what they are “meant for”?

    Maybe I’m just too old to get it.