• @rustyricotta@lemmy.ml
    837 months ago

    This becomes even more cute when you consider the very real possibility that she made the cake specifically to have an excuse to come visit.

  • Transporter Room 3
    707 months ago

    My grandmother once had my sister and I over for dinner.

    She made herself a tiny portion of something and set out a handful of radishes, most of which she ate herself before offering us some.

    That was the one and only time she “made” anything for us.

    I was 7.

    She was not a kind person, she complained about the leaves in her yard constantly to the point where the rest of the family has a running joke about the trees conspiring against her.

    She died two years ago and I still miss her. For all her faults it was clear she loved all of us, any time we were on the phone with grandpa she would yell across the house who are you talking to, and when he yelled back she would come in to say hi and ask how we were doing. Never called us herself though.

    Weird relationship. Not sure why I’m rambling about this. Thanks for reading if you did. Cheers

    • The Picard ManeuverOP
      257 months ago

      Major props to you for still finding love and compassion despite her flaws.

    • @MiltownClowns@lemmy.world
      7 months ago

      I have one grandma who makes everybody food and another who can’t cook to save her life, once asked me to drown a yipping dog, and told me I was going to hell because I’m an atheist. I love both of them but not nearly as much as they both loved me. Not all grandmas love the same way, but some can’t love at all. I’m thankful and I’m glad you are too.

  • @Burninator05@lemmy.world
    407 months ago

    Hello Grandmother. It is, me, your other grandson. I have heard that you have an abundance of cake and are delivering it to your grandchildren but I have not heard from you. Have you forgotten my phone number?

  • @Swedneck@discuss.tchncs.de
    57 months ago

    the sad part is that grandma needs to drive two hours to visit, it should be a one hour train trip so she can visit even when she becomes barely able to walk.