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  • Is that the fault of the admins, trying to stem a tide of reports and problems, or is that the fault of some users, not being willing to open a second tab in their browser? It sucks to have to maintain different accounts, but it’s a lot less deleterious than the alternative.

    I think if there were strong mod tools, your argument would make more sense (though I’d probably still disagree), but especially with the utter lack of mod tools, it just isn’t feasible.

  • Then you fundamentally don’t agree with the principles behind federation, and the fediverse might not be for you. It’s funny that you are mad and “want to curate your own browsing experience”, but aren’t willing to put in the effort to run a simple script (, pick an instance or a few that match your stance (they’re out there and much more common than the niche Beehaw serves), or start your own instance.

    Do you know how much effort being federated with spam factories / outrage machines generates for the mods and admins? When you depend on individual blocking, you get to click and forget about every bad actor or community. You don’t see the ongoing hours that mods and admins have to pour in to dealing with that actor or community as they keep spitting out garbage.

    Also, good thing you’re on a very unlocked instance then. If you’re mad about your instance doing whatever, then take it up with your admins, not Beehaw. Beehaw is a uniquely curated instance primarily intended to serve as a space where queer people don’t have to get bombarded with non-queer people being ignorant. We deal with that enough in real life.

  • It’s not happening for Game Pass right now. If Microsoft hoovered up Nintendo and all the other companies, leaving Game Pass with little competition, they’d flip in an instant. Then you’d have not only Nintendo games for an overpriced subscription, you’d have Nintendo and everything else Microsoft bought for an overpriced subscription, where Microsoft can do whatever they want because only they have the rights to those games.

    I’m not arguing Nintendo’s subscription services doesn’t suck ass, I’m arguing that Microsoft would do the same thing if they got their mits on Nintendo’s catalog, except potentially worse because they have more ‘exclusive content’ to lock-away in their garden and they can force their BS into Windows.

  • Not sure what I’m going to do when this hits my state. We passed our “child only” bill last year. I don’t live near a border and my job is strict in-person only.

    I technically have the resources to move and have at least some job prospects, but there’s huge swaths of my community that don’t. Also, effectively outlawing trans existence in a state guarantees that no one will be left to vote for it, effectively pushing more states red. We can’t even rely on the Supreme Court to strike these down…

    I’ve heard Minnesota is good, but that’s extremely far from me, and I have moderate-severe SAD so I worry that living that far north would be the end of me. Maybe I’ll have to go for “might be the end of me” over “will currently be the end of me”.

  • It makes me kind of sad to see so many people happy that the accent is going away. It’s good to have diversity, and the thought of my “native” accent becoming extinct makes me sad. I don’t want bad people to have a claim to an entire accent and culture, especially since the death of the accent won’t do anything about the bad takes. There’s a lot that good about southern culture - taking things slow, being laid-back in a world that wants you to run around like a chicken with your head cut off, and forming tight communities with the people around you. I just wish there was a way to reclaim that without feeling afraid that people would assume I support the bad parts, too.

  • Why would you use an accent when it actively gets you associated with idiots / racists / conservatives?

    There’s a lot of people who have been hurt by Southern culture, so naturally they reject that accent. A lot of decent people reject the accent because they don’t want people to assume they’re one of those Southerners. There’s also the aspect that you end up talking to people outside your region a lot more often than in the old days, so you learn to switch it off because people outside your region might not understand you well.