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  • One person isn’t the whole. They may just want to vent and aren’t wanting solutions. While that may be frustrating to you, it can be just as frustrating to your SO to want to vent and get solutions they don’t want

    Of course I’m just some rando online I don’t know your relationship. I have a BA in Human Communication and this is just one of the most common arguments that happens in relationships

  • Reminder that we have our email

    Important tool for those who have been banned and feel it undeserved, etc. While it’s awesome that we have a small active community to double check the mod log and post any oddities right now, this may not always be the case. Hierarchies are wack and knowing the tools to hold people accountable is always a good thing. I do occasionally go back and check on our sent folder to see if anyone is being treated unfairly (which to be clear I haven’t seen anything on the email side).

    Thanks for the post ✌️

  • US Democracy is a type of liberalism, which was created as a reaction to mercantilism and monarchies. Basically means “individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.” which… US Democracy doesn’t lmao.

    Different word from liberal and conservative. Kind of like “mankind” doesn’t just refer to men.