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  • He never has been. I legitimately have no idea why he has gotten any job ever. He’s bad at writing comedy, he’s bad at performing comedy, and he’s bad at comedy banter with other comedians.

    Like… where is his funny? How did he ever get a comedy position when people dead for thousands of years are funnier than he is. Proof? Ea-nasir.

  • You’re talking about now, but your original question was asking why he left in the first place, which I answered for.

    No. It literally was not. I have no idea what you read to think that but I didn’t ask that. I asked why he went back, not why he quit.

    Edit: Downvoting me doesn’t make you suddenly and magically right. Just entrenches me more into my position that Daily Show fans have been some of the most insufferable fans on any comedy show on the planet and makes me want to root for Jon and this shows failure even more. Not that it needs it considering it sucks so bad they had to bring him back to try and save it.

  • He needed a break

    I mean clearly not. The dude took years off after the Daily Show, made this Apple show, it gets shitcanned because Apple is Apple and Jon is now upset he doesn’t have a platform anymore. That’s not looking for a break. That’s looking for a platform. Now that’s perfectly fine because plenty of people do that bit it’s kinda ridiculous for him or anyone to assume he’s looking for a break when he’s actively increasing his workload considering he was unemployed three weeks ago.

  • Stamets@lemmy.worldtoVideos@lemmy.worldJon Stewart is back on The Daily Show
    5 months ago

    HARD disagree. I’ve been trying to watch him since I saw him on QI years before he ever hosted the Daily Show. The man has no stage presence, doesn’t know how to tell a joke, is vaguely homophobic, and is generally a bad writer which is why the content of the Daily Show is leagues better than his own yet still unwatchable.

    There’s a reason the ratings and viewership took an enormous hit and that is reason is named Trevor Noah.