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  • “I’m not an idealisist! I’m just so upset by your insistence that data purity doesn’t trump the needs of living people, that I’m going to block you!”

    And to clarify, I never suggested that you were a bigot or had sinister motives. I suggested that you perceive data purity as some sort of ideal that needs to be upheld at all costs. And because you prioritise data purity, all of your “solutions” sustain data purity, but do it in ways that just won’t happen.

    But in the mean time, in the world we are both living in right now, a change that doesn’t uphold data purity as the primary goal, is achievable, and literally saves lives.

    You aren’t sinister. You just have your priorities in the wrong place, because to you, this is hypothetical and driven by an idealised perspective of what the world could be, rather than the reality of what it is right now, and the harm that is already happening because of it

  • As I said, Australian birth certificates don’t work the way you describe. They aren’t static and locked in to “at birth” as they’re able to be updated.

    The fact that many birth certificates work this way means that treating “at birth” as sacrosanct isn’t a requirement. It’s a preference. And in this case, a preference that actively hurts people, whilst helping no one. You value a false notion of data purity over the lived reality of the people whose lives are damaged by not being able to update their birth certificates.

    Even your fix works around the idea that data can’t be changed or updated, when the simplest solution, in place already in many countries, is to let go of the idea that old data is somehow more important than the people that data is from

  • Trans people don’t change gender. They stop hiding it.

    Updating a birth certificate is fixing an error

    It’s also a strange point to hold ideologically. Why is “at birth” an ideal to hold above others? In literally any circumstance where a birth certificate is needed, “now” is going to be more useful than information that is decades out of date. Nothing is gained from holding to an ideal that puts out of date information above current information, so appeals to treat it as sacrosanct always make me wonder exactly what it is that makes people put pointless ideals above the very real impact incorrect information has