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  • I’ve been out of school for about 15 years and history was not just memorization, but it was still super boring, because often enough the angles were completely irrelevant.

    For example, here in Germany the whole Weimar/Third Reich period is rather important, and we spent hours “analyzing” diagrams of the different constitutional institutions in the different systems and their relevance to the later outcome. Maybe super important for polsci, but for teenagers utterly useless.

    And what I personally find the most disturbing: you’re so drowned in Nazi stuff that you mentally go “yeah Hitler bad, yada yada yada”. That’s actually not only useless, but dangerous.

  • That’s decades of legacy for you…

    I bet each step/arrow/decision had a good reason at some point, but most of them probably back when computers lived in caves and hunted their tapes using spears and rocks.

    I feel like we’re slowly reaching a point where the complexity is collapsing in on itself - just look at the absolute chaos a modern web app is.

  • That’s the point.

    In Germany there was a battle between left and right back then. The economy boomed in the 20s and faltered in the 30s. Capitalists saw the threat of socialism looming just behind Poland and so they supported fascism.

    The Nazis funneled billions into large businesses. It was unsustainable and morally multi-level wrong, but they skimmed a lot of profits from these agreements. They got rich, while the economy started to collapse - even before the war.

    Even after the war, most of them got away. They kept much of their wealth.