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  • Inflation is like acceleration, prices are like speed. If you’re in a space ship moving at a fixed speed, you are* moving* in a direction. Acceleration means your speed is increasing. You’re moving in a direction, faster than before. If you stop accelerating, you’re still moving and you keep all the speed you gained from when you were accelerating. The only way to slow down is to decelerate-- put energy into moving the opposite direction. That would be equivalent to deflation, which has historically been very bad for the economy.

  • Ultimately, Zora’s feelings are beside the point. Starfleet condemned a sentient being to (at least) a thousand years of loneliness. We do not see them consult Zora about her feelings on the assignment. She is simply ordered to do it. She is given no conditions on which the order terminates. She might still be there, still alone, a million years after Craft’s departure. That’s why it’s cruel. It’s cruel to give such an order. And, as a further twist of the knife, the instrument of that cruelty was Michael Burnham, ostensibly Zora’s friend. “We had a good ride, but I’m old now and Starfleet just doesn’t need you anymore. Rather than give you freedom to go and do you please, we’ll order you to stay in this place indefinitely, alone.”

  • The whole reason they came to the future was that Discovery’s computer couldn’t be disabled or removed after merging with the Sphere data and becoming Zora. So (she?) is always online and conscious. She spent almost a thousand years alone before Craft’s arrival. At the time, I could have accepted some disaster that forced the crew to evacuate (or killed them all) and Discovery became lost, with a final order to hold position. But for Starfleet to intentionally put the ship (from which Zora cannot be separated) in deep space and abandon it, I cannot interpret as anything except cruelty.