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  • I think we have a cultural disconnect here friend. Glancing at your history to see if I want to block for psyops, this comment looks like a stollen account or something.

    BTW your post about a Tai Yai translator, maybe look into the Chinese Yi 34b LLM. I didn’t find a language diagram at a glance, but that is a multi lingual model. There is probably some overlap that contains Tai Yai. I would give it a bunch of momentum with a starting prompt containing a lot of Tai Yai, like 3000 words plus as a lead into the actual task. If the language is there but not a primary part of training, you might get useful results.

    Like I have an LLM that can write code snippets for the extremely obscure Flash Forth language for micro controllers simply by building momentum like this because the info is present in the base model, but is buried deep inside. Depends on your use case.

    Anyways, I don’t pretend to know anything about you, but like, in the USA, Trump is basically running as a Nazi. He is the most dangerous threat to the entire world right now. Republicans are platonic sophists. If you live in areas they control, you only see the dumbest spins and bowdlerized garbage in all forms of easy to find media. It is inevitable, if Trump is elected or overthrows the government, millions of people will die; actually innocent people; people with ethics. It is part of our culture to say fuck that bullshit and value millions of people over Orange Hitler. I have deep respect for anyone that tried to kill Hitler during and before WW2. It takes a real patriot to set themselves aside completely for such a just and noble cause.

  • Would you say you’re motivated by self challenge, monetary, community interaction, or simple altruism?

    I’ve watched Heavy Case Files on YT off and on for several years. I like her voice, and kinda marvel at the motivations such a person seems to have; a resilience and character depth in the face of persistent negativity, combined with the interests of a content creator, in addition to the burden of YT comments. She has a personal connection to such cases or so she mentioned years ago when I asked IIRC. What about you, where’s the drive coming from? - if you do not mind me asking.

    Just ignore if I’m getting long in the tooth or whatnot. You’ve made my day better in thought and kindly letting me chat with my nonsense. Thanks for that.

  • Interesting curiosity you have there; totally different than I assumed.

    To better specify, my primary overall curiosity is mostly about collecting tools and skills. I was once much more physical and enjoyed working with my hands very much. So I wanted to do everything from painting cars to metal casting, machining, welding, etc. I was disabled by a driver of a car while riding a bike to work, so I was forced to redefine myself and interests nearly from scratch.

    To me, the randomness or fixation people tend to have in their interests are not very interesting. I want to understand why things work the way they do. Like with creative writing, I don’t care very much about the people aspect as much as I want to explore, for example, what “complex hierarchical social structures” means and how they might evolve in the distant future, especially if hierarchical display is not attached to fundamental survival needs like monetary wealth. Or how people’s present perspective on the dangers of AI is adolescent and poorly defined as something closer to myths of the Greek pantheon than it is to reality. Presently, it is a tale of machine gods. If the story of AGI is told from the perspective of mortal equals with humans, the overall philosophical implications are entirely different. I want to naturally lean into this idea of human luddites, like how Asimov portrayed them, but in writing (unshared on the internet), I have tried to create plausible technology and history that normalize integration between independent human like AGI entities and humans. I am primarily interested in various personalities in this very specific niche. Like how would people react to living with deeply curious AGI entities that look, feel, and act entirely human in most instances, while some choose to remain aloof and asexual. What differences would there be with morality or tribal like groups from partnerships to community and region. What would resistance and opinionated opposition look like. Who are the outliers in this hierarchy, and why. What if I flip the philosophical narrative and imply humans are the volatile danger to the establishment. Above all, what would life be like in a highly realistic mostly positive futurism, without dystopianism or utopianism, without present cultural norms accepted as standard, and without exceptionalism or authoritarianism.

    I struggle the most with the opposing perspective, extraverted social needs, and understanding the statistical spectrum of human altruism, empathy, sadism, and platonic sophism.

    I have a decent understand of the world and mechanics of the future, like the implications of the finite nature of the age of scientific discovery and what will be possible when science is 99.997% complete, empirically speaking. The primary motivation for leaving the solar system is the inevitable expansion of Sol, if we are still around. Thus my setting is currently 420,421 AF, (After Fusion). Like how will biology advance into our primary technology. How will bio compute and calorie based deterministic structures synthesis evolve and end the last stone age of silicon. How are structures grown and an ecosystem managed in an O’Neill cylinder colony so that life is fully in balance with all elemental cycles. How will biology simplify unfathomable complexity in a similar fashion as code in computer science, but at an exponentially larger scale. What is unique to the Sol system and why does it form colonies around other stars. Once the wealth of objects in space is accessible at scale, how do things change. How would sentient life, analog and digital maintain connections and political alignment when traveling is only possible from Sol using generation ships to establish colonies. What happens if one way communication is broken from a colony. What is industrial technology and how are all aspects handled. Why is further expansion sentient life’s biggest future challenge and fear. How can independent AGI entities collectivise to form a much more capable central governing entity while coming from diverse background experiences. How do these different experiences interact in a practical way to mitigate the AI alignment problem, while also creating a representative democracy.

    My biggest question is how this central AGI collective is both capable of manipulation for benefit of society and individual while being nonviolent, and is not authoritarian, utopian, or an invasive surveillance state. My human emotions perspectives curiosity is primarily in this specific niche and the ways of addressing this sci-fi in a realistic full spectrum.

    I have a ton of notes and could… write a book… or dozen… on the subject. This is basically what I created and explored while learning offline open source large language models over the last year.

    I’m uninteresting, but have nothing I care to hide. I’m not sure about your criteria or interests in tracking down people. My earliest internet footprint would have been a half ass attempt to play with HTML frames in GeoCities around 1998-2000. I’ve said a ton of stupid things over the last 2+ decades. I’ve disconnected from most stalkerware sources and platforms but just abandoned them. I’m self doxed on here. I’ve never done anything interesting or noteworthy that would merit wasting such time. It would be amusing if you want to show off or be mildly invasive. Send me a text, if you’d like a relatively easy challenge. I have a cool number relatively speaking.

  • The dormant feel, to me, is like a feeling of a task well done, or a well drawn map.

    OP sounds like they type of person I struggle the most to understand with creative writing and character development. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to develop roleplay contexts to understand people that make and seek out connections like this or various other ways.

    Just for contrast. I do not generally think of other people like this. I have empathy, and I care, but my primary functional thought is very abstracted. My mind is kinda like a roadmap that is driven based on curiosity and intuitive thinking. One of my major outlier traits is that my sense of justice and moral compass exist in a third person like perspective. That perceptive/judgement aspect is rather brutally applied to myself and everything I encounter, but it is not part of my core sense of self. This is the mechanism that gives me mobility across different concepts and ideas in ways other people seem to struggle with. I’m always questioning the status quo by looking for the lowest level biases to question, and this is what drives me to be so detailed in my interests. I’m extremely curious about everything, but mostly I’m like a cartographer developing a map of all kinds of roads, trails, and interesting features. I really enjoy sharing the experience of navigating that edge of the map with others. I take deep dives into niche communities and tend to make a footprint in them, but I have never experienced another human or community that is on a similar overall map of exploration like myself. I’ll comment on and share my past mapped experiences, but I stopped letting others hold me back from my explorations a long time ago. You would likely struggle to connect all of my profiles and interests in digital footprints going back to the late 90’s, but I’m still around chugging along. I greatly value the people that want to explore with me, but I don’t care to stick around in one interest at the detriment to my other curiosities and my desire for independent introversion.

    I struggle most to understand boundaries that other people have. I try not to pry, I speak in general abstracted terms, and put myself in the conversational context to avoid asking people uncomfortable questions that are inline with some simple abstract curiosity but might come off as personal to some people. I having no clue what level of information other people are interested in or at what level they can engage with me. I’m extremely aware that the edges of my map are poorly grounded and subject to revision, like I’m actually quite insecure in myself and knowledge in an absolute sense, but in aggregate I can come across as arrogant or pedantic. Anyone that is close to me knows better, like I want to be told I’m wrong in a way that lets me make corrections on my mental map.

    That is like my surface world view, in my idea of a nutshell, and why you might find a person like me that leaves a mark then disappears.

  • Welp. It’s 4am and that was a pretty good watch. Sounds like Occam’s Razor.

    So are we going with extremely convenient idiots from the Right stalling an American budget to effectively give Russia the largest gains since shortly after the war started, while tanking a fragile economy into a recession for political gain with absent minded Americans failing to connect those dots? Or are we going with direct Russian funding of politicians that lack any campaign finance transparency and are willing to rally behind a traitor felon as having some kind of ethics?

    God that was the most Fox and corporate clown media I’ve seen in a decade. That is some remarkable subhuman filth. The existence of Fox is a crime against humanity, but the rest is not better.

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    Get a grip on yourself.

    But seriously, I’ve seen roadies rust through the drops because of the way shifters clamp and tape concentrates a ton of alkaline salts if it is not changed often. I was the Buyer for a chain of 3 shops for 6 years. I’ve seen thousands of bikes and issues from service stuff. I’ve never seen a grip break off. Looks like a steel bar, which would be low end and quite old as aluminum has been standard for a long time. Probably left outside. Still fun to see, just to say I have.

    There’s a detachable penis joke somewhere in there.

  • We have no Roman legal record of anyone that matches the story of Jesus. Based on the account in the bible, Pontius asked the crowd if they wished to free Barabbas or Jesus. I do not consider the bible a valid source. The original texts are not available and there are no reliable corroborating sources. The book has no ontological knowledge of the universe at a fundamental level, and all information contained within can be explained by human observations and meddling. Pandering to speculation and correlation is to empower cons. I consider anyone that must be interpreted due to ambiguous language as a con artist.

  • Meaning anything that could fall from the sky or get blown around in the air. The particles themselves are heavier than lead, but ash can act like a parachute, and the massive explosion created enormous heat sending everything upwards into the higher layers of the atmosphere.

    Any time you see a mushroom cloud, the expanding top stops when it hits a layer of atmosphere that is the same temperature as the rising column. This is true of volcanic eruptions and enormous bombs. The atmosphere gets colder with height, but only for a limited amount of time before the density is too low. Once the density is low enough with elevation, the temperature goes back up from solar radiation. When a plume is powerful enough to punch through the cold and back out into the hot on the other side, that is what can carry heavy particulates quite a long distance. There are winds across these layers that are different and the winds play a role in keeping the layers divided. Think of it like the way Jupiter looks with the cloud layers but in miniature scale that is not easy for human eyes to see. The entire Earth has a similar wind banding structure in the atmosphere. If you ever see wind diagrams for the southern hemisphere the effect is more clearly seen. The northern is a bit less banded due to continuous landmass heating, the Himalayas, and the shallowness of the Gulf of Mexico causing enormous evaporation with an impact stretching all the way into Europe.

    The wind patterns carry the little parachutes with heavy radioactive junk and it settles like dust. So like, when we say sealed inside your home, that means duck tape on every door seal, and nothing that could pull air into or out of the space. The pro hazmat setup is a positive pressure bunker where there is a complex filter or recycled air scrubbing system that maintains a higher pressure inside the enclosure so that any leaks present force material out instead of in.

  • If you are exposed to particulate dust or debris, once you are inside an area that is enclosed, be mindful of everywhere you go and everything you touch, and consider them contaminated. The way radioactive contamination like dust particles are removed from people in places like nuclear power plants is with shaving cream. The way shaving cream expands on the skin lifts hair by design, but also lifts particulates so that they may be rinsed off.

    The most dangerous radioactive elements have the shortest half lives. The quantity of particles is still important. Like the elephants foot at Chernobyl is still deadly to a human standing in the same room for only a few minutes due to quantity. However, just after a nuclear mass murder event by a subhuman psychopath, staying away from the earliest byproducts of the nuclear reaction is critical. These are extremely harmful even in the fine dust on the outskirts.

    Nuclear technology is our most irresponsible atrocity we lack the time perspective to clearly understand. Imagine if the wars of the crusaders 1000 years ago were causing people to die directly as a result of their weapons, not because of geopolitical fallout. Nuclear is an atrocity for any use because of our incompetent governments, but it is a far greater crime on all future generations for thousands of years to come. History will make us the most despised humans in the entire lineage of the species. This is the only legacy any of us will be remembered for.

  • Is there an easy foundational setup that is also quite reasonable for someone on a friends and family charity budget and an old Raspberry π 3? I am slow, a methodical intuitive learner type, with no mentor figure or mobility. I’ve been overwhelmed every time I’ve tried to read into self hosting, usually because I have a purpose I want to fill and not a dedicated interest in the subject directly. I don’t need the pay to play-ignorantly setup; I need the easiest grass roots path to email, next cloud, proxy, (other), - setup. The setup that experience teaches as the obvious easiest and cheapest way to get started with, or use sustainably and build upon over time.