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  • Sure! Note that everybody’s different, so what works for one person may not work for another. The following is based on what works for me.

    • Have you been prescribed meds? Take ‘em. If you were prescribed Adderall, Vyvanse, or their generic equivalents to address the “inattentive” type of ADHD (like me): they are classified as stimulants and you can only get a month’ s worth at a time (assuming you’re in the U.S.), so set a recurring alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to call in a refill or do it online. Put your local pharmacy’s phone number and address in your phone, and take note of other pharmacies in the area in case there’s a shortage (which is a thing nowadays). You are gonna have to advocate for yourself if they are out of stock, so get used to the idea that you may have to call and ask the pharmacy for the generic equivalent or other locations that do have it in stock. Side note: if you don’t have insurance, GoodRx might be worth a look.

    • If you get overwhelmed easily, do whatever is necessary to make yourself comfortable and eliminate distractions so you can focus. Music is good. Disabling phone notifications during work hours might help. Interruptions suck, especially if your task requires intense concentration, so don’t let them disrupt your shit.

    • Keeping track of tasks and deadlines will help you stay organized and feel more in control, so get in the habit of checking and updating your calendar (and/or task management app or text editor, whatever) every morning so you don’t get caught off guard by stuff that is already planned. I know, everyone says make a list, which is cliche and doesn’t always work for everyone, so find what works for you. Think of it as doing your future self a favor. You’ll be grateful for past you looking out for you.

    • Take a break once in a while. You might want to set an alarm for that. Step away from the computer and get some fresh air or something. Meditate or do breathing/grounding exercises if that works for you. You aren’t a machine, and you really gotta be kind to yourself and remember that you have human limits. Taking a break is crucial, especially if you are hyper-focused on something and can’t make progress; it’s just gonna frustrate you more if you force yourself to spin your wheels, so be kind to yourself. For real, sometimes allowing your brain to relax can help when you get back to the task. Sometimes things fall into place when you look at them with fresh eyes.

    Anyway. Sorry for the bigass bullet point blocks of text. I hope none of that came across as obvious, cliche, or old person condescending, but that is what works for me. It sucks that you have to deal with this and that you have to put in extra effort just to function in everyday life… believe me, I empathize with you. It can be a fuckin struggle. But the truth is, you can’t control everything, so address the things that you can control. Do your future self a favor…identify the things that mess you up and find ways to work around them. And be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

    I sincerely hope that helps. Feel free to reply with questions or vent if you need to, or DM me.

  • It’s rare, but you ain’t alone. Man, I feel your pain. This happened to me, too, in the 80s. I was undiagnosed ADHD, which was never suspected because at the time it was just “ADD” and I wasn’t hyperactive. I had a lot of difficulty focusing, which affected my ability to learn and got me labeled – yep, how’d you guess? – “lazy” unanimously by all the adults in my life. I still got excellent grades most of the time, which just reinforced the lazy theory.

    But wait, it got worse! I hit a wall academically when we started learning more advanced stuff and I wasn’t able to brute-force my way into A’s and B’s, and so I immersed myself in art (as a way to cope, I’m now realizing in hindsight), graduated in the bottom quarter of a prestigious prep school, and graduated 5 yrs later from college with an art degree. And I didn’t know what to do with my life, so I went back! For a second art degree! And I nearly flunked out again and had to reapply and finally graduated again…jfc, this is exhausting having to recount, haha…anyway, fast forward a lot and guess what? Now I’m a programmer. Web developer, specifically.

    Never went for the CS degree. I wanted to, but I honestly thought I was stupid and utterly incapable of handling the curriculum - especially the math - so I wrote off that career path entirely. Like, I never gave myself a chance. I’m finally where I feel like I should be, but it took so long to get here, ya know? I wish I knew when I was younger that I wasn’t stupid.

  • I must be hallucinating, I thought I already replied. I hear you about Chakotay, I think I went through similar phases of opinion on the character. Yeah, Beltran did appear to perform in good faith, so I can’t fault him either. It’s awful that it even happened, though.

    I grew up watching TOS reruns and was exposed to pretty good representation via Sulu. There was a noticeable difference between Sulu and all other Asian roles on TV and in the movies when I was growing up (80s), and it sure sucked seeing all the gross stereotypes and blatant racism played off as jokes. I’d imagine you can probably relate. Representation matters, especially when you’re a kid!

  • This is an accurate statement, but (running with the analogy) I like to think ummthatguy carries a benelli compared with the rest of us lol

    Btw, side note, sorry if this sounds random (I intended to comment yesterday but got busy and am now just remembering), but the two spirit story you tell is amazing and is a concept I think modern western society could really learn from. So thank you for dropping this knowledge on us from time to time, it’s really cool and much appreciated. There’s an alternate universe out there where a legit First Nation consultant was asked to advise on Chakotay’s back story and development on Voyager, and I imagine stories like this being woven into that show’s fabric. Wouldn’t that be something? Ok I’m done rambling haha, you have a good one. 🖖

  • Omfg I’m just remembering I did something similar when I was ten or so. I think my little brother was like four?

    I’m at 7-11, flipping through comics, and see what I think is my little brother messing with the comic books (putting them in the wrong slots in the magazine stand) out of the corner of my eye, so I scold him and go back to reading. I just hissed at him, didn’t even bother looking.

    Then this girl I don’t know comes over, grabs the kid’s hand, says “Come on, <random unfamiliar name>, let’s go.” I look over and I don’t recognize either of them, and she shoots this “wtf is wrong with you, weirdo” look at me and leads him away. And my actual brother? On the other side of the store, oblivious to the world, just being his usual self, picking boogers, nowhere near the magazine stand, and I am clinically dead from embarrassment.