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  • Reptiles are interesting creatures, for sure. (I still have a female chameleon and bearded dragon. My male cham died of old age last year.) I never got into breeding feeders, but that is a really good route to avoid the excessive supplementation that is super common.

    I was a mod of /r/chameleons and still technically the owner of /r/chameleonholdingstuff, but I haven’t been on Reddit for a long while. Strangely enough, some mods tried to pull me back into the fold a few months ago, but Reddit is just a shit show and I don’t want any part of it. The /r/reptiles mods seemed a little more on the sane side though.

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    Mental health is super important so do what you need to do and find a good headspace. Modding is a good time suck when you aren’t busy but is a serious drain when other things are more important in life.

    When I was in a much darker place, I would tend to make decisions that would isolate me from everyone and everything else. In some ways that is nice but in other ways… not so much. If you believe your decision is with specific purpose, awesome. If this decision is more of a trend across your life, try and only make positive decisions. (This is just something I share when people express decisions in the context that you used.)

    Wishing you the best! Be happy and stay healthy, friend.

  • There are two points getting conflated, and rightfully so. Tucker does spout off a ton of white supremacy and homophobic garbage to gain the popularity with the far-right and he used his platform to echo Kremlin propaganda. Both of those points likely paid very well.

    When it comes to misinformation campaigns, yes. Putin appears to call most of the shots. When Putin does any kind of speech, he essentially gives talking points for Russian media to amplify and repeat ad-nauseam for weeks afterward. This is also picked up by right/far-right social media sites and reporters in the US.

    While Tucker was likely a useful ally at first, it seems the relationship between Tucker and the Kremlin was fully weaponized leading up to when Trump took office. This has resulted in far-right politicians getting elected and almost by default, their direction is set by Putin and Russian misinformation.

    While Putin may not directly “call the shots”, his agenda likey sets the tone for all of his stooges.

  • Just an addendum for clarification. If you don’t want clarification, then yes: A slower connection may cause more battery drain.

    A slower connection means you would need to be on your device longer which would result in a larger than normal perceived battery drain with normal use.

    An unstable connection with lots of packet losses would cause chaos with the network stack on your phone leading to more memory consumption, unneeded encryption/decryption and possibly hung TCP sessions. That would be a battery suck. In the worst cases on older devices, could even cause your phone to get a little warmer. That gets worse if you VPN client has to constantly reconnect, which is another problem.

  • “Nether incisive nor helpful” / “Friendly nor understanding”

    Neutral is the word you should be using. Zero emotion. There is nothing I could say that would make you change your opinion, and vice versa.

    On that, you were looking too deep into all of this. After that last paragraph of what seems to be insults, I really don’t care about your opinion now.