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  • Sure!

    All the foreground stuff was modelled first, then sculpted with rock textures / general wear (posts, steps, cliffside, etc). The giant spires were sculpted from a cube. Textures are mostly procedural, a few texture maps but I prefer doing things procedurally as I don’t have to worry about UVs and seams. The vegetation, moss, ivy, trees, etc were scattered using a few add-ons (Baga Ivy, Geo-Scatter). The landscape was made with noise textures and masking in TT5 add-on, then sculpted slightly afterwards to get the exact shape I wanted. I used the same add-on to texture the landscape with masks. The clouds and fog are all volumetric using noise textures, and the human is built from the HumGen add-on which I made to resemble me (it’s a good way to watermark my art - hard to remove digitally, distinctively me and less intrusive than a big logo or something).

    Hope that makes sense. Happy to answer any other questions if you have them 🙂