IT DIDN’T TAKE long. Just months after OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot upended the startup economy, cybercriminals and hackers are claiming to have created their own versions of the text-generating technology. The systems could, theoretically at least, supercharge criminals’ ability to write malware or phishing emails that trick people into handing over their login information.

  • coyotino [he/him]
    11 months ago

    The “criminals” are using AI tools to commit what experts call “crimes”. The creation of the tools is not the crime, but their use for criminal purposes is.

    i phrased my statement a little weirdly, but i understood this point perfectly when i made my comment. they created copycat LLMs that don’t have the same “safeguards” in place, so these new LLMs can be used to write malware and produce other illegal results. My point was: it seems funny to call this criminal and call ChatGPT “legitimate” just because ChatGPT can’t write malware.