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When you start playing Dragon Warrior you are given an important message by the king, the bad guy is back and you need to stop him. As you step outside the castle and are taken to the world map this is what you see.

That castle on the bottom right, surrounded by a poisonous bog, is your destination. If you could cross a few water tiles you could confront the Dragonlord right now. Unfortunately that cannot be done, and instead the game takes you on a journey through points 1 to 13 listed in the original image.

The effect is neat at the end of the game as well. As you approach the villain’s lair you can see the castle where it all began.

  • @ShranTheWaterPoloFan
    37 months ago

    I don’t remember dragon warrior 2 being that bad. Maybe it’s a ROM issue, maybe young me was more comfortable with a constant grind.

    3 is special. It shows it’s age, but it’s very very good.

    4 is a little more uneven, but I think it’s the first RPG to change your perspective/main character across the story. Also it has the best story of any JRPG I have ever played.