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  • So the theaters in several cities were run by a franchisee. They suddenly without any warning declared bankruptcy and closed all the theaters they managed in all cities and fired all their employees. The corporate entity that is Alamo Drafthouse (I didn’t even know these were franchises) has stated that they are working to reopen in the closed cities, but at this point it’s lip service. They seem to indicate that they also didn’t know the franchisee was going to take this action, so to some degree it seems like they were blindsided as well. I have become so accustomed to the superior experience at the drafthouse I am having a hard time trying to convince myself to start seeing movies in other theaters (not to mention, their theaters were pretty much the closest to me any way so going somewhere else means driving further for a worse experience). Sigh. This all happened before Sony bought the corporate entity so there are a LOT of unknowns.