• Transporter Room 3
    52 months ago

    The shows are the best part.

    The movie was meh as far as I’m concerned. Neat but meh. I was pretty young when it came out and only saw it with my dad many years later.

    SG1 is where it’s at. 10 seasons and 3 movies of fantastic TV.

    Atlantis is even better for the action-lovers, I feel like it was much more action-packed. That’s partly just because both shows are products of their times, SG1 started when TV shows were much slower paced, but picks it up as the years pass. Very different first seasons.

    Universe is unlike either of the other two, and if you approach it expecting more SG1/Atlantis you will be disappointed, and likely not finish the series. It’s far more focused on drama, I think. Recently someone compared it to Lost, and honestly I can see the influence. The whole “mystery” aspect, having no idea where the story will go next… It’s a totally different show that you might not like even if you loved the other two.

    I’d say watch a few episodes from like season 6 or 7, and decide if you want to see more. It is a product of its time and the first season of any show can be hard to get through, 90s shows especially.

    • Captain Aggravated
      02 months ago

      Universe was the Sci-Fi SyFy channel seeing Battlestar Galactica’s success and demanding a “grimmer, darker Stargate show.” It sucks pink eye.