When Captain Burnham is trapped within a “mindscape” designed to test her worthiness to retrieve the Progenitor’s powerful technology, Book, Rayner, and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery must hold off the Breen long enough for her to escape.

Written by: Lauren Wilkinson & Eric J. Robbins

Directed by: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour

  • Value SubtractedOPMA
    1029 days ago

    The Breen might have the ability to destroy the Archive, but with Discovery gone, it wouldn’t gain them anything and how ever long it took them would be time lost for chasing Discovery.

    That’s a hell of a gamble if your objective is to protect civilians (and likely a gamble they would lose, considering the Breen’s actions).

    why didn’t Discovery prepare a fake clue?

    I think the answer is the same - it’s not something you want to screw around with if you’re trying to save lives.

    • e_t_
      629 days ago

      They faked the ship’s destruction, letting the Primarch think he could pursue the objective at his leisure. He could take his time being petty and destroying the Archive. Discovery visibly escaping would put him under time pressure. If he delays to indulge his pettiness, Discovery could get the technology. They’d be using themselves as bait to lure the Breen away from the civilians.

      Also, the Primarch only made his threat against the Archive later. If they’d jumped immediately after the away team was aboard, it would have been before the threat was made. It also would have been before the Breen’s weapon demonstration, so the Archive would have been 100% intact when they left. At that moment, they had every reason to believe that the Archive was only in danger due to their presence. The logical, civilian-saving response would be to remove their presence.