• Chill Dude 69
        6 months ago

        On the one hand, you’re not wrong. On the other hand, the way people say that line…it’s as if you go to Kroger or Alberson’s or Target, and see some kind of massive reduction in the number of derelict-ass, unhinged, pajama-clad, whacka-doodle mofos, in their aisles.

        That’s a big nuh-uh, chief. If they let you in off the street, without a membership card, and they sell regular-ass groceries, there’s going to be a bunch of semi-washed, pseudo-clothed semi-apes, up in there.

        And, honestly, I’m not against it. Pretention is boring. I like my crazy people up-front and straightforward. There’s just as many barely-functional nutjobs at your local country club. They have just leveled up their skill in concealing their situation. That’s both more dangerous AND less fun.

  • RQG
    26 months ago

    Most people who think of themselves as ugly aren’t nearly as ugly as they think imo.

    Often they are average looking or slightly below average looking. And that’s only in regards to the conventional beauty standards. We just easily get a false sense of what normal people look like these days.