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  • When the agency originally proposed tougher emissions limits, Denka had a longer timeframe to comply. But the EPA sued the company last year, finding the facility posed an “imminent and substantial endangerment” to the nearby community. […] The company wants the EPA’s 90-day deadline put on hold and says the agency won’t consider lengthening that timeline until Denka sets out an emissions reduction plan, according to the filing.“ […] (Denka) will need at least two years to plan, develop, test and install the controls required by the rule,” the company said in a court filing.

    The EPA has been working on this rule since Biden took office. You knew it was coming, you just hoped there would be a change of administration before you had to comply with the ruling (so you wouldn’t have to comply at all, which is also what you’re hoping for with your current delay tactics). Sucks to be you - your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency, etc …