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Kraetos’ guide to Star Trek

You know. 1966? 79 episodes, about 30 good ones.

- Phillip J. Fry

Ah, The Original Series. Where it all started. The show was tragically cancelled after three seasons, but on the other hand, it’s easy to see why: the show missed more than it hit.

This guide has two sections:

  • Complete guide. This is a list of all the episodes, sorted by production order with a quick description and it’s rating, on a simple four tier scale: Engage, Just for Fun, meh, and Avoid.
  • “30 good ones.” If we take Fry’s comment as gospel, which thirty episodes comprise the “good ones?”

Complete Guide

Season 1

Episode Title Description Rating
00 The Cage Aborted pilot, didn’t air until 1988. No Kirk—instead, it’s Captain Pike. Rejected for being “too cerebral.” Just for fun
01 Where No One Has Gone Before Pilot, but didn’t air until after the next two. The Enterprise leaves the galaxy and some crew members exhibit extraordinary powers. Engage!
02 The Corbomite Maneuver Kirk attempts to bluff his way out of a scrape with a much meaner alien ship. Engage!
03 Mudd’s Women The Enterprise encounters freighter captain Harry Mudd, who travels with three beautiful women. meh
04 The Enemy Within A transporter accident splits Kirk into two halves—a “good” one, and an “evil” one. Engage!
05 The Man Trap Something is not as it seems when the Enterprise runs into one of McCoy’s old romanic interests. Just for fun
06 The Naked Time The Enterprise crew becomes infected by a virus that has a similar effect as alcohol. Engage!
07 Charlie X A human boy raised by aliens has supernatural powers—can he adapt to Federation culture? meh
08 Balance of Terror A Romulan warbird strikes against Federation border outposts. Kirk must defeat the Romulan commander. Engage!!
09 What Are Little Girls Made Of? The Enterprise encounters Dr. Roger Korby, leading medical archaeologist, and Nurse Chapel’s once fiancée. meh
10 Dagger of the Mind The Enterprise inadvertently picks up a stowaway from a penal colony. meh
11 Miri The Enterprise investigates a planet where virus kills everyone once they reach puberty. meh
12 The Conscience of the King A mass murderer may be loose on board the Enterprise. meh
13 The Galileo Seven McCoy, Scott, Spock and four other crewmen crash land on a planet, and not everyone gets along with Mr. Spock. Engage!
14 Court Martial When an officer (and friend) under Kirk’s command dies in an ion storm, Kirk is accused of foul play. Just for fun
15 The Menagerie (Part I) Spock kidnaps his former captain, Pike, and takes the Enterprise to forbidden planet Talos IV for reasons unknown. Engage!
16 The Menagerie (Part II) Kirk discovers why Spock has stolen the Enterprise. Engage!
17 Shore Leave Kirk orders shore leave for the Enterprise crew, but the planet they’ve selected seems to be fulfilling everyone’s fantasies. Just for fun
18 The Squire of Gothos The Enterprise is captured by Trelane, a seemingly omnipotent being. Just for fun
19 Arena The Metrons, an advanced alien species, pit Captain Kirk against a Gorn captain in personal combat. Engage!
20 The Alternative Factor The Enterprise is sent to investigate a mad scientist after a galaxy-wide spatial disruption. Avoid
21 Tomorrow is Yesterday The Enterprise accidentally travels back to the 20th century where they destroy a US Air Force aircraft and rescue the pilot, creating a time paradox as the pilot gains foreknowledge of events to come. Engage!
22 Return of the Archons The Enterprise visits a planet where an Earth ship was last seen before reported missing, 200 years ago. meh
23 A Taste of Armageddon The Enterprise discovers two civilizations fighting a computerized war—but the casualties are real. Just for fun
24 Space Seed The Enterprise rescues the SS Botany Bay without realizing the war criminal and genetic “superman” Khan is aboard. Engage!
25 This Side of Paradise The Enterprise investigates a colony where everyone should be dead from radiation exposure, only to discover the colonists are alive. Just for Fun
26 The Devil in the Dark The Enterprise crew must find a creature that has killed more than 50 workers at a vital Federation mining colony. Engage!
27 Errand of Mercy War breaks out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and Kirk is sent to fight the first battle over a planet called Organia. Engage!
28 The City on the Edge of Forever Dr. McCoy changes history in a manner which prevents the Federation from even existing. Kirk and Spock must follow him back and stop him. Engage!
29 Operation: Annihilate! Colonists on a distant planet are taken over by neural parasites. Just for fun

Season 2

Episode Title Description Rating
01 Catspaw Kirk and co. beam down to a Halloween themed planet. Avoid
02 Metamorphosis The Enterprise finds Zefram Cochrane, inventor of warp drive, on a distant planet, even though he’s been believed dead for 150 years. Just for fun
03 Friday’s Child Kirk attempts to negotiate mining rights with a primitive, honor-bound civilization. Just for fun
04 Who Mourns for Adonais? The Enterprise encounters an entity which claims to be the Greek god Apollo. meh
05 Amok Time Spock undergoes Pon Farr and must return to Vulcan to mate or he will die. Engage!
06 The Doomsday Machine The Enterprise encounters a planet killer and must stop it before it strikes again. Engage!
07 Wolf in the Fold Scotty is accused of murder during shore leave. Just for fun
08 The Changeling The Enterprise encounters Nomad, a human-built probe which has been altered to have one mission: the sterilization of all life. Engage!
09 The Apple A landing party explores a beautiful planet with primitive natives, before the planet begin killing redshirts. Avoid
10 Mirror, Mirror A transporter accident sends Kirk, Scotty, McCoy and Uhura to the “mirror universe,” where good and evil seem to be inverted. Engage!
11 The Deadly Years The Enterprise crew becomes infected with a rapid-aging virus. Just for fun
12 I, Mudd The Enterprise bumps into Harry Mudd once again after a new crewman hijacks the ship. meh
13 The Trouble with Tribbles The Enterprise responds to a distress call from Space Station K7 when Klingons arrive at the station. Engage!
14 Bread and Circuses The Enterprise discovers a parallel Earth where Rome never fell. Just for fun
15 Journey to Babel The Enterprise transports Federation ambassadors to a conference on Babel. One of the Ambassadors is Sarek, Spock’s father. Engage!
16 A Private Little War Kirk suspects that a primitive culture may have been armed by the Klingons. Just for fun
17 The Gamesters of Triskelion Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are kidnapped while preparing to beam down to Gamma 2. Spock must determine where the landing party has gone. Avoid
18 Obsession A cloud creature kills a number of redshirts on an away mission—but Kirk has encountered this creature before, and is determined to kill it. Just for fun
19 The Immunity Syndrome The Enterprise investigates the loss of the Federation starship Intrepid. Just for fun
20 A Piece of the Action The Enterprise encounters a planet where the culture is based entirely on 1920’s mobsters. Just for fun
21 By Any Other Name While investigating a distress call, the Enterprise discover survivors who need the Enterprise to get home. Just for fun
22 Return to Tomorrow The Enterprise receives a distress call from a distant planet. Just for fun
23 Patterns of Force In search of Federation historian John Gill, the Enterprise discovers a planet modeled after Nazi Germany. Just for fun
24 The Ultimate Computer Kirk is ordered to test M-5, an advanced computer which can command a starship. Engage!
25 The Omega Glory A Federation captain breaks the Prime Directive and arms a primitive civilization. Avoid
26 Assignment: Earth The Enterprise travels back in time to 1968 and encounters secret agent Gary Seven. Just for fun
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    56 months ago

    This Kraetos guy has great taste in Star Trek and I bet he’s devastatingly handsome too.

  • M-5OPB
    26 months ago

    Season 3

    Episode Title Description Rating
    01 Spectre of the Gun Aliens place Kirk and a landing party in the O.K. Corral. Just for fun
    02 Elaan of Troyius The Enterprise carries the Princess of Elaan to Troyius where she will marry their ruler, when Elaan sets her sights on Kirk. meh
    03 The Paradise Syndrome The Enterprise is sent to save a planet populated by Native Americans in danger of being rendered uninhabitable by an asteroid. meh
    04 The Enterprise Incident As Kirk’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, he orders the Enterprise to cross into Romulan space for no apparent reason. Engage!
    05 And The Children Shall Lead The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a colony to discover that all the adults have died and only children survived. meh
    06 Spock’s Brain A woman from an alien ship steals Spock’s brain. Avoid
    07 Is There No Truth In Beauty? The Enterprise transport a Medusan ambassador, a species so ugly that any human who sees them will go insane. meh
    08 The Empath The Enterprise is dispatched to rescue a science team from a planet orbiting a dying sun. meh
    09 The Tholian Web The Enterprise is attacked by Tholians while investigating the disappearance of the Federation starship Defiant. Engage!
    10 For the World Is Hollow, and I Have Touched The Sky McCoy falls in love with an alien high priestess after becoming infected with an incurable disease. Just for fun
    11 Day of the Dove The Enterprise investigates an attack on a Federation colony when a Klingon Battlecruiser approaches and accuses the Enterprise of killing Klingons. Engage!
    12 Plato’s Stepchildren The Enterprise answers a distress call from a colony modeled after the time of Greek philosophers, who want McCoy to join them. meh
    13 Wink of an Eye The Enterprise encounters beings who experience time at a greatly reduced rate, rendering them invisible to humans. Just for fun
    14 That Which Survives A landing party beams down to a very unusual planet. Avoid
    15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield The Enterprise encounters an alien who is completely white on one side of his body, black on the other. Avoid
    16 Whom Gods Destroy Kirk and Spock are committed when delivering medicine to an insane asylum. meh
    17 The Mark of Gideon The crew of the Enterprise seemingly dissapears after Kirk tries to beam down to Gideon, which claims to be a paradise. Avoid
    18 The Lights of Zetar The Enterprise detects an interstellar storm traveling faster than warp 2. Avoid
    19 The Cloud Minders Kirk and Spock discover a segregated cloud city. meh
    20 The Way to Eden The Enterprise encounters space hippies. Avoid
    21 Requiem for Metuselah Kirk, Spock and McCoy encounter a strange man who knows much about Earth history. Just for fun
    22 The Savage Curtain President Lincoln invites the Enterprise bridge crew to visit him on a molten planet. meh
    23 All Our Yesterdays The Enterprise is sent to evacuate a planet before it’s star goes supernova, but the colonists are missing. Engage!
    24 Turnabout Intruder One of Kirk’s ex-girlfriends takes control of his body, jealous that she herself could not become a starship captain. meh

    The 30 good ones

    The “30 good episodes” are, in production order:

    1. Where No One Has Gone Before
    2. The Corbomite Maneuver
    3. The Enemy Within
    4. The Naked Time
    5. Balance of Terror
    6. The Galileo Seven
    7. Court Martial
    8. The Menagerie (Part I)
    9. The Menagerie (Part II)
    10. The Squire of Gothos
    11. Arena
    12. Tomorrow is Yesterday
    13. A Taste of Armageddon
    14. Space Seed
    15. Devil in the Dark
    16. Errand of Mercy
    17. The City on the Edge of Forever
    18. Amok Time
    19. The Doomsday Machine
    20. The Changeling
    21. Mirror, Mirror
    22. The Trouble with Tribbles
    23. Journey to Babel
    24. Obsession
    25. A Piece of the Action
    26. The Ultimate Computer
    27. The Enterprise Incident
    28. The Tholian Web
    29. Day of the Dove
    30. All Our Yesterdays