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OpticalData’s Guide to Voyager

Season 1

Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
1 & 2 Caretaker Included for obvious reasons. This sets up the entire premise of the show. No
3 Parallax This is an important episode as it establishes the Starfleet/Maquis command structure that remains for the rest of the series, also good character development for Janeway/Chakotay/Torres. No
4 Time and Again If you can get past the ridiculous costumes, it has good character development for Janeway/Paris and introduces Kes’ telepathic abilities. No
5 Phage Introduces the Vidiians. No
6 The Cloud “There’s Coffee in that nebula!” and beginning of the deeper Janeway/Chakotay relationship Yes
7 Eye Of The Needle Voyager’s first glimpse of home… Except not. (NB: The events of this episode are explored further in the ‘Dark Matters’ book trilogy) Yes
8 Ex Post Facto Heavy Paris development, the first time we see him as the ‘underdog’ in a story Yes
9 Emanations Harry Kim development and introduction of Seska No
10 Prime Factors More Starfleet-Maquis clashes. Character development for Tuvok, Torres and Carey. Yes
11 State Of Flux Beginning of the Seska-Kazon arc and revelation of Seska’s past. No
12 Heroes And Demons The series’ first holodeck episode. Janeway sports a new haircut. Yes
13 Cathexis The crew is possessed by a disembodied Chakotay. Yes
14 Faces Further development of both the Vidiians and Torres’ character. No
15 Jetrel Development of Neelix’s backstory. This episode is referenced multiple times throughout the rest of the series. No
16 Learning Curve Tuvok character development. Starfleet-Maquis clashes. Yes

Season 2

Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
17 The 37’s The first time we get to see Voyager land. No
18 Initiations Chakotay gets captured by the Kazon and we see some of their culture. Yes
19 Projections Doctor-centric episode with good character development. Yes
20 Elogium Examines details of Kes’s Ocampan biology which are referenced throughout the rest of the series No
21 Non Sequitur Kim gets transported to an alternate reality in which he is home and has everything he wants but decides to return to Voyager. Yes
22 Twisted General character development. A solid episode. Yes
23 Parturition Paris and Neelix fight over Kes and end up adopting an alien. Resolves the Tom/Neelix bickering and Neelix’s jealousy. No
24 Persistence of Vision Reveals many characters’ backstories, and one of the few times we see the relations of the Voyager crew. No
25 Tattoo Chakotay development, focussing on his spiritual beliefs. Yes
26 Cold Fire Wraps up questions from Caretaker. No
27 Maneuvers Seska outwits the Voyager crew and Chakotay is captured by the Kazon again. Setup for a plot line in Basics. No
28 Resistance Janeway character development. Yes
29 Prototype Torres character development, solid episode. Yes
30 Alliances Gives some back story to the Delta Quadrant. No
31 Threshold An infamously bad episode, on the order of “Spock’s Brain”. Yes
32 Meld Tuvok and Suder character development. Important for season resolution. No
33 Dreadnought A small insight to Maquis and Cardassian Technology. Janeway nearly sacrifices the ship. Yes
34 Death Wish The series’ first Q episode. Looks into the issues of being a Q. No
35 Lifesigns Backstory about the phage and Vidiians, Doctor character development. Introduction of side characters. Yes
36 Investigations Important Paris development. (NB: Features a cameo from King Abdullah II of Jordan) Yes
37 Deadlock Deals with the Vidiians, the birth of a Naiomi Wildman, and the death of Kim prime. One of the best ‘action’ episodes of the franchise. Highlight: Kate Mulgrew acting vs herself. No
38 Innocence Tuvok crashes a shuttle and finds children on a planet, but all is not as it appears. Tuvok development. Yes
39 The Thaw One of the creepiest episodes of the franchise. Yes
40 Tuvix Poses some excellent moral dilemmas. What would you have done? Yes
41 Resolutions Sets up the will-they-won’t-they element of the Janeway/Chakotay relationship and a chance to see what Voyager would be like with Tuvok in command. Yes
42 & 43 Basics Wraps up the Kazon arc. No

Season 3

Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
44 Flashback Gives Tuvok some back story and develops Tuvok-Janeway relationship. Also features appearances from some TOS cast members. Yes
45 The Chute Kim and Paris development. Both go temporarily insane. Yes
46 The Swarm Doctor development. Highlight: Picardo vs Picardo Yes
47 False Profits Wraps up the TNG episode “The Price”. Ferengi. Yes
48 Remember Torres has dreams about a major event in an alien society. Yes
49 Sacred Ground Good character development for Janeway. Yes
50 & 51 Future’s End Introduction of The Doctor’s mobile emitter that will be used throughout the rest of the series. (NB: Sarah Silverman guest stars) No
52 Warlord Showcases the acting abilities of Jennifer Lien (Kes). Yes
53 The Q and the Grey Details about the Q continuum. Introduces the recurring Female Q. No
54 Macrocosm Voyager is attacked by “macroviruses” in a Die Hard-like premise. Yes
55 Fair Trade Neelix stops being a guide and receives some backstory development. No
56 Alter Ego Kim and Tuvok development. Yes
57 Coda Develops Janeway No
58 Blood Fever Introduces a number of elements seen in later episodes and examines the Pon Farr No
59 Unity One of the few episodes that develops Chakotay properly. No
60 Darkling The Doctor becomes Jekyll & Hyde Yes
61 Rise Neelix and Tuvok get stuck in a lift Yes
62 Favourite Son Harry Kim almost starts an interstellar war and begins to turn into an alien. Yes
63 Before and After Introduces the Krenim. An interesting episode about what could have been. No
64 Real Life Character development for The Doctor. No
65 Distant Origin A solid episode, good Chakotay development. Yes
66 Displaced Development of Torres/Paris relationship. Comedy moments Yes
67 Worst Case Scenario Wraps up Seska arc and shows ‘what could have been’ with the Maquis/Starfleet joint crew. No
68 & 69 Scorpion First proper appearance of the Borg and introduces Species 8472 and Seven of Nine. No

Season 4

Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
70 The Gift Departure of a series regular, wraps up Scorpion. No
71 Day Of Honour Important Paris-Torres development. No
72 Nemesis Chakotay and Beltran at their finest. Yes
73 Revulsion Tuvok gets promoted. A hologram tries to kill Torres. Yes
74 The Raven Important Seven backstory, referenced later. No
75 Scientific Method Quite a creepy episode if you think about it. Worth it to see Janeway go full crazy. Yes
76 & 77 Year Of Hell The best two parter of the series. What Voyager should have been. No
78 Random Thoughts Torres gets arrested for thinking a violent thought on a planet where they’re a crime. Torres and Tuvok development. Yes
79 Concerning Flight Janeway development, end of a Holodeck distraction. Yes
80 Mortal Coil One of the few Neelix episodes where Ethan Phillips really gets to act. No
81 Waking Moments Chakotay development, excellent episode. No
82 Message In A Bottle Doctor development, referenced later in series. No
83 Hunters Introduces the Hirogen. No
84 Prey Continues Hirogen story, finalizes questions about 8472. No
86 & 87 The Killing Game Wraps up Hirogen arc. Jeri Ryan sings. No
88 Vis à Vis Tom Paris becomes a victim of body swapping. Yes
89 The Omega Directive A solid episode, Seven-Janeway relationship development. No
90 Unforgettable Chakotay falls in love with a woman he can’t remember. Chakotay development. Yes
91 Living Witness Voyager’s idea of a mirror universe episode. No
92 Demon A good episode, referenced later. No
93 One Good Seven development. Yes
94 Hope and Fear More Janeway-Seven development, consequences of Scorpion explored. No
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    Season 5

    Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
    95 Night Introduces the Malon. No
    96 Drone The transporter accidentally creates a Borg drone, Seven development. Yes
    97 Extreme Risk Introduces the Delta Flyer. Resolves Voyager Maquis arc. No
    98 In The Flesh Wraps up species 8472. No
    99 Once Upon A Time Not a great episode, but re-introduces a recurring character. (NB: For Stargate Universe fans this stars Louis Ferreira (Col. Young) as a tree monster) Yes
    100 Timeless One of the best Voyager standalone episodes. (NB: Levar Burton guest stars) No
    101 Infinite Regress Seven experiences multiple personalities, showcasing Jeri Ryan’s acting. Yes
    102 Nothing Human An Alien slug attaches itself to Torres, she refuses treatment on moral grounds. Yes
    103 Thirty Days Important Paris development. No
    104 Counterpoint Another great episode, Janeway development. No
    105 Latent Image Doctor development, good episode. No
    106 Bride of Chaotica Explores a holoprogram referenced throughout the rest of the series. No
    107 Gravity Tuvok and Paris crash a shuttle. Heavy Tuvok development. Tasty Spiders. Yes
    108 Bliss A solid episode, referenced later. No
    109 & 110 Dark Frontier Seven development, references ‘The Raven’. No
    111 The Disease Harry Kim falls in love and accidentally aids terrorists. Yes
    112 Course: Oblivion Just a good episode, continuation of ‘Demon’. No
    113 The Fight Chakotay uses boxing to communicate with aliens. Yes
    114 Think Tank A group of highly intelligent aliens attempt to recruit Seven, Seven-Janeway development. Yes
    115 Juggernaut Voyager does “Alien”. Malons. Torres development. Yes
    116 Someone To Watch Over Me Seven/Doctor development. No
    117 11:59 A solid episode, explores Janeway’s ancestry and shows some of the crew relationships. Yes
    118 Relativity References Future’s End, a solid time travel episode. Some amazing beauty shots of Voyager. No
    119 Warhead Harry Kim brings a sentient warhead onto Voyager, it takes control of The Doctor. Kim development. No
    120 & 121 Equinox An excellent execution of Voyager’s concept. No

    Season 6

    Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
    122 Survival Instinct Seven backstory. No
    123 Barge Of The Dead Torres development. Yes
    124 Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy One of the most hilarious episodes in the franchise. No
    125 Alice Tom Paris falls in love with a shuttle. Paris development. Yes
    126 Riddles A side of Tuvok we often don’t get to see, a good episode. Yes
    127 Dragons Teeth Some Delta Quadrant background and impressive CGI sequences. Yes
    128 One Small Step Chakotay development. Yes
    129 The Voyager Conspiracy Just a fun episode. Yes
    130 Pathfinder Important for the entire crew. (NB: Features several TNG cast members) No
    131 Fair Haven Voyager imagines Ireland. Janeway creates her ideal man. Yes
    132 Blink Of An Eye Solid episode, Doctor development. No
    133 Virtuoso More Doctor development. Yes
    134 Memorial A solid episode. Yes
    135 Tsunkatse Seven is forced to fight in an alien arena. (Guest stars Dwayne Johnson) Yes
    136 Collective Introduces the Borg Children. No
    137 Spirit Folk Fair Haven becomes self aware. Harry Kim kisses a cow. Yes
    138 Ashes To Ashes One of Harry’s ex lovers comes back from the dead. Kim development. Yes
    139 Childs Play Icheb-Seven development. (NB: Guest stars Mark Sheppard) No
    140 Good Sheppard Voyagers approach to TNG’s “The Lower Decks”. A solid episode No
    141 Live Fast And Prosper Voyager becomes a victim of identity fraud. Yes
    142 Muse Torres teaches an acting course on an alien planet. Torres development. Yes
    143 Fury Wraps up Kes’ story… Again. No
    144 Life Line Doctor-Barclay character development and back story. No
    145 The Haunting On Deck Twelve A solid episode, Voyager’s attempt at horror. Yes
    146 & 147 Unimatrix Zero Development for a number of characters, mostly Seven. (Last appearance of Susanna Thompson as the Borg Queen) No

    Season 7

    Episode Title Why should I watch it? Is it optional?
    148 Imperfection Seven Of Nine malfunctions. Seven-Icheb development. Yes
    149 Drive Introduction of the Delta Flyer II. No
    150 Repression Another view of what could have been with the original premise. No
    151 Critical Care The Doctor gets stolen and struggles against an unethical healthcare system. Janeway pretends to be married to Tuvok. Yes
    152 Inside Man Continues from “Pathfinder”. Guest starring a TNG cast member. No
    153 Body and Soul Jeri Ryan’s acting at it’s finest. Yes
    154 Nightingale Harry Kim development. No
    155 & 156 Flesh And Blood What the Hirogen did following “Killing Game”. No
    157 Shattered Quite an amusing episode looking back (and forward) in the series. Chakotay-Janeway development. No
    158 Lineage Important Paris-Torres development. No
    159 Repentance Neelix tries to save a prisoner sentenced to death. Neelix development. Yes
    160 Prophecy Important Torres development. No
    161 The Void Imagine if Season 1 had been like this; another excellent execution of Voyagers original premise. No
    162 & 163 Workforce Doctor, Chakotay, and Kim development. No
    164 Human Error Introduces Seven’s interest in Chakotay. No
    165 Q2 Continues from Q And The Grey. Icheb development. No
    166 Author, Author Doctor development and an interesting legal case. Voyager’s “Measure Of A Man”. No
    167 Friendship One Death of a recurring character. No
    168 Natural Law Chakotay and Seven crash a shuttle. Hints at a finale plot element. Yes
    169 Homestead Departure of a main cast member. No
    170 Renaissance Man A fun Doctor-Janeway episode. Yes
    171 & 172 Endgame Finale No

    Post-series books

    • Homecoming

    • The Farther Shore

    • Spirit Walk: Old Wounds

    • Spirit Walk: Enemy Of My Enemy

    • Full Circle

    • TNG: Before Dishonor

    • TNG: Destiny Trilogy

    • Unworthy

    • Children Of The Storm

    • Protectors

    • Acts of Contrition

    • Atonement