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*okay, so “Star Trek Film BT” is listed as the opening title font for the TOS movies, DS9, and VOY, but the one actually used has a slightly heavier weight and is likely the medium or bold variation of the typeface. I couldn’t find any documentation about this discrepancy or the heavier version online. People who purchased the typeface from Bitstream or another official foundry might have it. That said, “Star Trek Film BT” is really close, but if you want a closer title font match for the TOS movies, DS9, or VOY, then I recommend adding an outline to mimic the heavier “bold” font weight.

source: Also, my eyes, since I had nothing to do while Lemmy was down during the instance upgrade and took it upon myself to go through the titles and credits for the aforementioned shows and TOS movies to compare and verify their on-screen accuracy instead of going outside. All these fonts are an exact match with what’s on screen, with the exception of: (1) the font titles for the TOS movies, DS9, and VOY, which as mentioned above use the medium or bold version of “Star Trek Film BT,” and (2) the fonts for TOS movie credits, which vary and to be honest I couldn’t be arsed to obsess over details at that point. I would just use “Montalban” for simulating TOS movie credits. Ok fine, for that one nerd who is inevitably gonna nitpick: <adjusts glasses> for an accurate simulation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s credits you wanna use “Star Trek Film BT” because “Montalban” was obviously created with The Wrath of Khan in mind and didn’t exist at the time, naturally making “Star Trek Film BT” the logical choice. Overall these fonts do require tracking adjustment (especially TNG credits), but they are a match. Happy memeing!

Edit (2024-03-03): just some formatting fixes

Edit (2024-03-05): added info for the bottom part of the TNG opening title (“The Next Generation”), and added Enterprise opening title font. I should move this to a location that is a little more sustainable for long-term maintenance.

Edit (2024-03-08): scope has expanded. Now planning to build online resource hub for Trek meme makers, which will include updated versions of this font listing. Discussion on that is in this post. More news to come.

Also, has this great workaround for those who can’t load fonts:

It occurred to me that some mobile users may not be able to use those files on some apps. On several occasions, I’ve used and it has just about everything, including other sci-fi adjacents.

  • @MelodiousFunk
    73 months ago

    hate GIMP, have yet to find a suitable Photoshop replacement

    It’s been awhile since I’ve tried GIMP. Nice to know that 1. Nothing has changed, apparently and B. I’m not the only one.

      63 months ago

      I have the advantage of never having used Photoshop. I learned GIMP sufficiently and haven’t looked back.

    • @kellyaster@lemmy.worldOP
      3 months ago

      Basic image editing stuff is all right, my main gripe is GIMP’s lack of a good equivalent of Photoshop’s “object select” or “quick select” feature. It has a “smart scissors” feature that is anything but smart and always requires a lot of manual adjustments, which defeats the purpose of using it. I might as well select the object myself if I have to do that, so why bother using GIMP at all if it can’t do any heavy lifting for me? That’s why I just edit images in online image editors like Photopea lol

      I mean, I love and support open source software whenever possible, but GIMP has always felt like it’s five, ten years behind the curve.

      edit: I accidentally a word